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Every dollar and every deed makes a difference.

Travis Kubin Legacy Fund

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Meeting Meals

One of the most important things we do for our boys is feed them before each meeting begins. Empirical data proves that at-risk students do better academically, socially and physically when they aren't hungry. Food and beverage costs per meeting, for healthy meals, run about $400 per meeting, per venue - or $24,000 per year. (not including special projects, or outreach). Donations for single or multiple meetings would be greatly appreciated.

Basic Needs Stop Gap

Frequently, Boys Club members lack the basic necessities of life that most people take for granted - a warm jacket, boots, bus fare, school activity fees, lunch program, etc. In order to succeed in high school, and in life, youth need to be fed, warm, safe and engaged. When these basic needs can't be met through no fault of our Boys Club members or through cuts to subsidized transportation, lunch and extra-curricular programs, the Network advocates with modest purchases. The purchases are small, but their impact is huge. Our annual budget for such ranges from $2,500 to $3,500 per location.  Per occasion costs per boy include: one month school lunch card $105, one month bus pass $75, band fees $250,  recreational sports fees and equipment $300, new winter coat/shoes/runners $75, etc.

Post Secondary

We are eternally grateful to BCIT for their continued support of BCN.  Each year, they grant full academic or trade scholarships to qualifying BCN member boys who have met or exceeded our graduation requirements.  BCIT staff continue to mentor these boys through successful completion of their chosen programs.  BCN is more than happy to provide money for books, laptop computer/printer/software suites, U-passes (subsidized transit) and other basics to ensure that our boys are successful and can participate fully in post secondary life.  Cost for these items range from $400 for a ten-month U-pass, to $900 for a basic computing suite.

BCN member boys who wish to attend other post secondary institutions require full or part scholarship funding, books, technology, transportation and sometimes meal plans.  Currently, we have boys on donor-funded scholarships attending UBC, The Justice Instritute of BC, Douglas College and Capilano College.    Scholarship donations can be full, annual or partial, and can be earmarked for particular schools or programs, or assigned based on need.


For deserving and qualified Boys Club Network graduates. Our boys express interest in a wide range of occupations, but in most cases they do not have access to opportunities for work experience and/or apprenticeships. Culinary Arts, Trades, Business, Film & Television, and Hospitality industry paid apprenticeships and work experience programs could represent life-changing opportunities - not just for the boys, but also for their sponsors.


If you feel a connection to the Boys Club Network and would like to share your story and wisdom with our boys, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via email


To inquire about how to donate by cheque or credit card and receive a charitable tax receipt immediately, please inquire via email or call 778.987.1415. 

The mailing address for donations by cheque is: Westcoast Boys Club Network Foundation,  Suite 315, 1641 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7M 2J5