Lessons from the Locker Room


Preparation + Work Ethic + Teamwork = Success

Those words are painted on the frieze encircling the locker room of the Vancouver Canucks. In the world of professional sports, the room is sacred, and entrance must be earned.

The man behind one of the most valuable franchises in the NHL knows a thing or two about earning admittance, and what it takes to succeed personally and professionally. So too, do his players, management and colleagues.

BCN Odjick Bure Aquilini 150x150Fortunately for the Network, Francesco Aqulini, Canucks Chairman and NHL Governor, is one of our own. 

A Templeton graduate and staunch advocate for at-risk boys in our Network, Francesco hosts (large) handfuls of deserving BCN members in the locker room - and sometimes outside of it - for what have come to be known as Lessons from the Locker Room

BCN Chris Higgins Lessons 150x150Our boys earn lesson and Q&A time with Francesco and professional athletes whose work ethic earned them a position among the less than one-percent of hopeful amateur hockey players that make it to the NHL each year.

Our sincere thanks to Francesco Aquilini, Chris Higgins, Pavel Bure, Gino Odjick and Victor deBonis (COO).  Thank you too to BCN mentors and former Canucks Darcy Rota and Tanner Glass, and returning Canuck Trevor Linden. 

BCN Lessons Gessner 150x150 BCN Lessons Media Lounge Lunch 150x150 BCN Lessons Trevor Linden