Network Event

November, 2013 - Rosewood Hotel Georgia

A business community awareness initiative hosted by BCN mentors Frank Giustra, Francesco Aquilini and Bruce Langereis, and underwritten by Delta Land Development, the Richberry Group and Helijet International.   Canadian business, community and political leaders packed the beautiful Spanish Ballroom to watch our reality stage Play 'Man Up!'  Emotions ran high and much awareness was raised.
A huge BCN thank you to good men, Frank, Francesco, Bruce, Peter, Danny and Rick for your generousity, but mostly for your time.     Scroll down to view event photos ↓  

BCN Rcarter Adjusting Tie 150X150 BCN-3-boys-ties-150x150.jpg BCN-Jimmy-Sentin-tie-150x150.jpg
BCN-Frank-Giustra-speaking-Man-Up-Georgia-150x150.jpg BCN-Francesco-Aquilini-Man-Up-Preview-150x150.jpg BCN-Bruce-Langereis-speaking-Georgia-stage-150x150
BCN Man Up Clapping Georgia 150X150 BCN Walter Mustapich Jim Crescenzo Stage 150X150 BCN Man Up Georgia Hotel Boys On Stage 150X150
BCN Q And A Man Up Georgia 2 150X150 BCN VPD Chief Constable Jim Chu Georgia 150X150 BCN Walter Mustapich 150X150
BCN-Audience-Man-Up-Georgia-150x150.jpg BCN Walter Mustapich And Boys Georgia 150X150 BCN Q And A Man Up Georgia 150X150
BCN Man Up Georgia Audience 3 150X150 BCN Walter Mustapich And Boys Man Up Georgia Stage 150X150 BCN Man Up Georgia Balcony 150X150
BCN-David-Lyall-Frank-Giustra-150x150.jpg BCN Peter Brown Kevin Oleary 150X150 BCN-Bruce,-Neil,-Baily-150x150.jpg
BCN-Francesco-Aquilini-150x150.jpg BCN-Hotel-Georgia-Catering-150x150.jpg BCN Rick Langer 150X150
BCN Two Boys 150X150 BCN Kevin Torvik Harjit Sajjan 150X150 BCN-Bruce-Langereis-Salome-Homeyer-Kevin-O'Leary-150x150.jpg
BCN-Chantel-Chapman-Scott-Walker-Nathan-Lusignan-150x150.jpg BCN-Frank-Giustra-Kevin-O'Leary-Peter-Brown-150x150.jpg BCN Marcello Jimmy 150X150
BCN-Georgia-Hotel-Catering-150x150.jpg BCN-Chris-Mackay-Lara-John-Mackay-Bruce-Langereis-150x150.jpg BCN Volunteers 150X150
BCN-Bruce-Langereis-Lynne-Zanatta-David-Hawksworth-Sam-Sullivan-150x150.jpg BCN-Georgia-Event-volunteers-3-150x150.jpg BCN-Jane-Thornthwaite-Gregor-Robertson-150x150.jpg
BCN-Jorah-Porteaous-Nathan-Lusignan-150x150.jpg BCN Kevin Oleary Frank Anderson 150X150 BCN Marcello Rick Genovese 150X150
BCN Laura Georgia Event 150X150 BCN Peter Leitch Faye Wightman 150X150 BCN Matt Wood Jeff Mccord 150X150
BCN Neil Stevenson Moore 150X150 BCN Roy Radons Lara Bruce Langereis 150X150 BCN Laura Jimmy Martina Meckova 150X150
BCN Tom Wolski 150X150 BCN Man Up Tech 150X150 BCN-Banners-Georgia-Hotel-150x150.jpg