Reaching out to Help Others

Empathy and Compassion

One of the best way to demonstrate  and give context to individual circumstance, and illustrate hope to our boys, is by teaching them empathy.  Hands-on empathy.

To that end, frequent undertaking and outings, designed to inspire empathy and caring outside of themselves, are foundations of BCN teachings.BCN Syrian Refugee Walkathon

Outreach initiatives range from learning about and organizing a walk-a-thon for Syrian refugees, to planning and making dinner for a group of seniors, to the making and personal delivery of nutritious lunches for downtown eastside residents, help boys build empathy and compassion for people and circumstances outside of their very small circle of influence.

Social media, entertainment and popular culture teach young people unrealistic and unatainable norms that, if left un-challenged, skew reality and inhibit healthy ideals of self, family, and friendships, at a development time when context is critical.BCN Making Sandwiches for Homeless

Repeated opportunities for outreach, help mitigate unrealistic and unatainable inputs, and teach boys that while their circumstances may not measure up to the manufactured perfection they are exposed to daily across multiple media platforms, they are for the most part, far and away better off than the vast majority of the world population.