Summer Camp

Bridging the gap for those most at-risk

Together with our BCN chapter leaders and mentors, we gain valuable ground with hundreds of boys during the regular school year.  With some of our boys however - the 10% to 15% most at-risk of disconnection - we lose much of that ground during the summer months.  In a tragic few cases, we lost boys entirely.  Thankfully that changed with the implementation of BCN Summer Camps Program.

Summer Camps are designed to suit the particular needs of each chapter and operate weekdays throughout July and part of August. Our program of continued mentorship coupled with enriching educational,  physical, therapeutic, lifeskill and social activities, lifts the boys up and carries them successfully through summer and into the new school year.  The curriculum is based on empirical data and experiences gained over the past 11 years running BCN chapters from September through June.  

If you would like to learn more about BCN Summer Camp, please be in touch.   Scroll down to view more BCN Summer Camp photos ↓ 

BCN at Canadian Baseball Game 150x150 BCN Lessons Chris Higgins Founders 150x150 BCN Feeding Corn to Cows 150x150
BCN Golfing 150x150 BCN Playing Guitar 150x150 BCN Study Skills 150x150
BCN Picking Blueberries 150x150 BCN Visiting Boxing Ring 150x150 BCN Exhibition Park 150x150
BCN Circle Time 150x150 BCN Mentor Sandy Avelar Classroom 150x150 BCN Bruce Langereis Car 150x150
BCN John Deere 150x150 BCN Mentor Wallace Opal QC 150x150 BCN Drama Therapy Fera 150x150
BCN Eating Pie 150x150 BCN Feeding Homeless 150x150 BCN Drama Therapy 150x150
 BCN Mentor Faye Wightman 150x150 BCN Farm Visit Small Animals 150x150 BCN Whitecaps Game Field Level 150x150
BCN Mentor Bruce Langereis 150x150 BCN Roasting hot dogs 150x150 BCN Visiting Jockey and Stables 150x150