Our Future

Perpetually renewing client base

Now in our 11th year, the Boys Club Network message is spreading quickly beyond our East Vancouver roots.  We now have 15 Lower Mainland BCN Chapters operating in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, Courtenay, and Nelson, and have plans to expand throughout British Columbia.

Our reality stage production Man Up! continues to spread the Boys Club message to and beyond our audience of +25,000 students, families, educators and community stakeholders. We are filling a critical un-met need, and our client pool renews every year as one class graduates and another matriculates.

BCN-boys -basketballThrough our outreach and communications efforts, and meetings with media and stakeholder groups, we have received many requests for an expanded Boys Club Network program. Like-minded, passionate and qualified individuals are coming forward to explore the possibility of starting programs in their districts.  We developed a new BAA (Board Authority Authorized) secondary school scalable curriculum entitled H.O.P.E. for Boys Leadership, whcih has been adopted by School District 34.

Network fundraising consists of three streams - Maintenance, Educational Initiatives, and Growth.

Maintenance keeps weekly programs alive at all locations and includes items like transportation for outings, food for meetings, emergency food/clothing/school fee stop-gaps on occasion, insurance and other non-negotiables.

Educational Initiatives include production and touring of reality stage productions, curriculum development, and post secondary scholarships. Each initiative is funded separately.

Growth expands the network and outreach, or out-of-community initiatives.

Boys Club Network operations are extremely lean and our budget is very small. We rely solely on private donations from generous individuals, and on in-kind donations from community organizations.

If you are interested in helping the Boys Club Network expand and fulfill its potential, please visit our Donate Page.