A Reality Stage Play
Reaching At-Risk Youth in a Dramatic new Way

A must-see if you parent, educate or advocate for youth!

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Man Up!
chronicles the true story of the original Boys Club. A gritty, heart-wrenching, emotional and life-changing story of two determined eastside educators, a group of at-risk boys on the sharp knife edge of life, a handful of generous and visionary Vancouver businessmen from all walks of life, and the compelling four year journey they took together - from the edge of frustration, hopelessness and despair to the pinnacle of hopefulness and success. Deeply personal stories of individual struggle, overcoming demons, and realizing dreams.  

The play, performed by some of Canada's best-known actors, is raw and gritty and exposes the naked truth about boys-at-risk today and how societal, moral and technological progress has resulted in a break in the continuum of ancient wisdom and intergenerational mentorship of boys, and in turn, how that impacts family, community, and the moral and spiritual wellness of society as a whole.

Central to the story is Manae, a young and fatherless First Nations boy, who leverages lessons taught to him by his elders and by his mother, to demonstrate empathy, tolerance and forgiveness, and negotiate peace.  His actions shine light on what the diverse group of adult men in the play have in common, and illustrate society’s need to restore the continuum at all levels of human interaction, education, politics, and technological development. And finally, the audience comes to understand that moral strength, not brute strength, defines good men.

Man Up! is particularly relevant to boys aged 12-19, and their families, educators, law enforcement, politicians and other stakeholders, but its lessons apply equally to all genders and audiences.

Man Up! is a  professional reality stage play produced by the Westcoast Boys Club Network Foundation.     Thanks to a funding group led by founding patron Frank Giustra, admission is free. To date, more than 25,000 students, educators and stakeholders have seen Man Up! free of charge.

Duration: 60 min performance, plus 30-min talk-back and Q&A.  A curriculum for educators and study guide for students in available in advance.

Man Up! is currently on hiatus.   To inquire about tickets for next season's productions, curriculum or the touring production, email or call 778.987.1415